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Infineon, ST semiconductor factory on the wafer


European semiconductor manufacturers of meaning law semiconductor ( STMicroelectronics ), Infineon ( Infineon ) company, the company will gradually future prospects in automobile chip market, the attention from the advent of iPhone after profits declining wireless industry shifted to this new field.
Since the advent of from iPhone, for Nokia, RIM and other large customers sales greatly affected, ST shares also fell more than 70%. St first season operating losses amounted to 300000000US $52000000, of which 200000000$93000000 from mobile phone chip business; in contrast, auto chip business operating profit of $37000000.
Meaning law semiconductor ( Carlo Bozotti ) implementation of long wave Zuoti says, Asian equipped with many wafer demand for luxury cars will drive revenue to go yang. Last year, every new car uses at least 25wafer, part of the car, even over 100.
Meaning law semiconductor and Infineon will gradually focuses on future development of automobile industry, development can improve the engine horsepower, speed or direction of traffic monitor correction chip and sensor. According to Strategy Analytics, arrive when 2016, auto chip market scale is expected from last year's $23000000000expansion to more than $33000000000, and the Chinese market will grow17.7% every year.
Pozzo says," auto industry is benefiting from Asia to the high-quality vehicle needs, especially the German automotive industry. Automakers are using more and more electronic components to reduce cost, improve the intelligent vehicle. Because we both benefit. " Meaning law at present in the automotive industry 's largest customer is the world's largest auto parts suppliers Bosch Group ( Robert Bosch ), Fuchs, Daimler, Ford, Toyota is Bosch customers.
In addition, due to not appear to be only automobile chip market industry, this area still have a brilliant future. Strategy Analytics points out, meaning law in the automotive market is market share of 9%, ranking third; ranked first electronics14%. The company forecast, the North American car market of chip of each year will grow8.1%, Europe will grow6.1%.

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