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Electronics introduced a new super node MOSFET


In June 21, 2012, Japan's Tokyo correspondent -
Renesas Electronics Corp ( TSE: 6723), a major supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of three new super node metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor ( super node MOSFET ) (1), has the following characteristics:600V power semiconductor device turn-on electric resistance X gate charge, suitable for high speed motor drive, DC-DC converter and DC-AC inverter application. This industry-leading low on-resistance and low gate voltage combination platform, combined with rapid body diode performance, make the model RJL60S5DPP, RJL60S5DPK and RJL60S5DPE these three devices help to improve the efficiency of household appliances, motor drive, such as air conditioner with inverter speed control of motor home appliances.
In recent years, increasing attention to environmental protection to make people continue to improve the electronic equipment energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Especially for air-conditioning and television household appliances such as power supply circuit, greater emphasis to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. This led to reduce these products, power devices, power demand ( this is the lower on-resistance and better characteristics of switching function ), thus improving the overall energy efficiency.
The past, with high pressure, high speed motor and inverter air conditioners and other household appliances, usually in one package with discrete fast recovery diode ( FRD ) IGBT, in order to achieve short reverse recovery time ( TRR ). At present, for the more high speed switching demand, as well as in the steady operation and high performance under the condition of lower power requirements, produced for the band quick recovery body diode characteristics super node MOSFET needs. Compared with the traditional plane structure is different, the super node MOSFET in does not reduce the devices ability, reduce on-resistance, so that it can be produced per unit area of lower on-resistance. As the industry in a more energy-saving direction, in order to meet the growing demand for these devices, Renesas company to use its power device technology has accumulated rich experience, has developed a series of new high speed body diode high performance super node MOSFET, realizes low power consumption, and improve the performance of high speed switch.
The main characteristics of new super node MOSFET:
(1) the industry-leading low on-resistance
By virtue of from early for the PC server and LCD TV applications such as the design of a super node MOSFET device experience, Renesas already has a low gate voltage600V power semiconductor devices on 150m Ω( typical) conduction resistance. It adopts high speed motor and inverter control household appliances and other applications to achieve power efficiency improvement.
(2) a shorter recovery time
The new super node MOSFET device has a built-in rapid body diode, its specifications is optimized for high speed motor control application. Diode reverse recovery time was obviously shortened, only 150ns, is about the similar power super node in the MOSFET device of the 1/3 diodes.
(3) high speed switching performance, reduce side effects.
Renesas through optimization of surface structure, improved gate capacitance, thereby minimizing ringing, while also ensuring high-speed switching performance. This improvement helps to reduce the power consumption and stable operation, especially suitable for the three-phase bridge circuit, widely used in high-speed motor and inverter control application.
Renesas by providing total signal chain solutions for customers to provide technical support, solution will microcontroller (MCU ) and analog and power device combination, and wants to increase its as a leading global supplier of power semiconductor device status. Renesas taking this new high precision super node MOSET devices series as its high voltage power device array core, aims to further enhance its product series. Renesas will also aim at the motor and reverse polarity converter application to expand its solutions supporting the range, the new super node MOSFET devices and Renesas RL78 series low power MCU, RX series mid-range MCU, and is used to drive the power semiconductors optocoupler combination. The integration of new super node MOSFET device reference development board also plans to launch, thus provide support for evaluation and product design support.
Super node MOSFET device shape using the equivalent following industry standard packaging: TO-220FP ( RJL60S5DPP ), TO-3P ( RJL60S5DPK ) and LDPAK ( RJL60S5DPE )
Price and availability
Electronics new RJL60S5DPP, RJL60S5DPK and RJL60S5DPE SJ- MOSFET in 2012 will be launched in September, the price per piece US$2.0. Production is planned for 2012December to 2013March, three kinds of products, monthly production volume will reach 500000pieces. ( price and availability are subject to change, without notice. )
( this article from electronic engineering world:http://www.eeworld.com.cn/dygl/2012/0710/article_13154.html)

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