The ST releases 2011Sustainable Development Report


Meaning law semiconductor ( ST ) released2011 sustainable development report ( Sustainability Report ). This is st fifteenth years released the report, to the United Nations Global Compact ( United Nations Global Compact ) based on the principles, and in accordance with the global sustainability report index ( Global. Reporting Initiative, GRI ), a comprehensive introduction to meaning law semiconductor2011 sustainable development strategies, policies and achievements, examples of meaning law semiconductor how?? the sustainable development and cultural integration into the business, for the enterprise to create value for all stakeholders.Meaning law semiconductor president and CEO Carlo Bozotti said, the way of life of the people to improve the quality of life and technology expectations to the semiconductor industry development is more and more big, people expect technology to enhance learning, work, social and recreational quality, solve the serious social problems, such as energy saving, health and safety. Sustainable development is the core content of these challenges, for these problems, meaning law semiconductor not only to provide innovative solutions, but also rich in sustainable business make oneself an example.Although 2011is quite a difficult year, natural disasters continue to erupt, the uncertain global economic outlook of sustainable development, but is still meaning law semiconductor2011an important task. In this year, meaning law semiconductor sustainable development action in employee health and safety, environmental protection, occupation of responsible product, human development and community construction to obtain significant progress.Meaning law semiconductor2011sustainable development activities, including the consolidation of the company in the occupation safety aspects of leadership, and more than 83% employees to take the company voluntary health plan, and global manufacturing base of wastewater reuse rate of more than 40%, as well as the global manufacturing base of waste materials recycling and utilization rate of over 90%, and to ensure that the company's supply chain to ban the use of conflict minerals.At the same time,2011 sustainable development activities and expand the company education and training range, and global business plan ( Global Enterprise Project ) ERT in a number of European companies jointly launched the training activities, provide young people with a chance to learn?? global business management knowledge, training in today's knowledge-based economy access to career success skills required.In addition, meaning law semiconductor released a number of advanced technology products, such as the introduction of new smart motor drive can reduce the energy consumption of electronic products.The report contains numerous external stakeholder survey and review articles, elaborates meaning law semiconductor sustainable development strategy and the range of success, and in comprehensive consideration of and response to stakeholders of short-term and long-term expectations, the company strategy for global sustainable development.


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