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The new version of ADI SPICE simulation tools reinforced linear design component evaluation function


The American Analog Devices Company ( Analog Devices, Inc.; ADI ) published a version of NI Multisim components for Analog Devices version of assessment. With the National Instrument Company ( National Instruments; NI ) cooperative edition free tools to increase the number of features and functions, to the Engineer in the use of ADI component analog linear circuit provides easy to use environment.The new version of the Multisim ADI edition contains more than 870ADI linear component model. By means of these components and intuitive simulation characteristics and SPICE analysis of functional use, engineers can now see and evaluate the linear performance, make this a very crucial circuit design steps are more simple, more quickly, and more productive.The Multisim ADI version that engineers can design a larger, more complex circuits, and they established the model into the tool. The new Multisim snippets features allow the engineer to drag and drop the way of storing Multisim circuit in order to share files, or is used in new design.A new version of the tool is further enhanced by the user for virtual assembly attribute modification experience, and provides advanced simulation characteristics and analysis function of highly graphical environment, making it easier than ever for the construction and evaluation of a complete linear circuit.


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