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ADI launched MEMS IMU achieve highly accurate positioning


Abstract: AnalogDevices, Inc. ( NASDAQ:ADI ) today launched a10degrees of freedom ( DoF ) MEMS inertial measurement unit ( IMU ) ADIS16480, which uses an embedded sensor fusion algorithm, can provide stable platform, navigation and instrument applications to provide highly accurate orientation detection ability.
PR Newswire Asia /--AnalogDevices, Inc. ( NASDAQ:ADI ) today launched a10degrees of freedom ( DoF ) MEMS inertial measurement unit ( IMU ) ADIS16480, which uses an embedded sensor fusion algorithm, can provide stable platform, navigation and instrumentation applications to provide highly accurate orientation detection ability. ADIS1648010-DoFMEMSIMU ADIiSensor MEMSIMU portfolio 's newest members, in a single package incorporates a three axis gyroscope, a three axis accelerometer, a three axis magnetometer, a pressure sensor and a ADI ADSP-BF512Blackfin processor. ADIS16480 uses an extended Calman filter ( EKF ), can be sustained fusion sensor input to provide highly accurate positioning information, at the same time with other than MEMSIMU, shorten the design time, reduce cost. At the request of real time positioning but continued movement and has a complex, dynamic characteristics of the system, which is useful, for example, military and commercial aircraft, unmanned vehicles, mobile platform location and industrial robot.
ADIS16480 embedded extended Calman filter results in highly accurate orientation detection ability
Calman filtering method is a mathematical algorithm, through continuous repeated measurement combined with predictive state estimator, the noisy, variable process given the state assessment. When embedded in ADIS16480, Calman filter can intelligently and MEMSIMU motion sensor input combination, even in the last movement and unpredictable complex operating conditions, can provide highly accurate positioning data. Through the Blackfin processor core embedded in the filter, ADI also helps designers to save the other MEMSIMU required large code development, testing and external processing time and cost.
ADI MEMS/ sensor iSensor business development manager BobScannell says:" in determining the exact location or direction, industrial and military electronic system depends on not only the single sensor precision, also need to be precise, dynamic pouring input together, a very complicated process. ADIS16480MEMSIMU with embedded, extended Calman filter can help system, based on which sensors ' trustworthy ' resolution. Thus, system level designer can make filter automatic adjustment or with the aid of a programmable interface to manually adjust the filter, resulting in various harsh environment to achieve the necessary positioning accuracy."
About ADIS16480iSensor10degrees of freedom MEMSIMU for more information.
With competition6 times wider than the sensor330MHz bandwidth, ADIS16480iSensor10 freedom MEMSIMU combine ADI's high-performance iMEMS technology and precision sensor signal processing technique, can support highly aligned (0.05 degrees) and phase matching shaft, the nonlinearity in the industry leading level, up to 0.01%. Each MEMSIMU in a unique way through the factory calibration, substantially reducing the development and integration of the time required and the associated risks, but also significantly reduce the sensitivity of the thermal drift.
The main characteristics of MEMSIMU ADIS16480iSensor10degrees of freedom
Extended adaptive Calman filter
The three axis digital gyro: dynamic range:± 450°/ s.
6 deg / h movement bias stability
Angular random walks:0.3 °/ / hour
The three axis digital accelerometer:± 10g
The three axis digital magnetometer:± 2.5Gauss
Digital pressure sensor:300mbar to 1100mbar
Quick start time: ~500ms
SPI compatible serial interface
Anti impact capability:2000g
Add new ADIiSensorMEMSIMU combination
In addition, ADI today and also introduced the ADIS1644810freedom degrees and ADIS164856 degrees of freedom MEMS sensor, iSensorMEMSIMU product portfolio to add new. ADIS16448for stable platform, navigation and instrument application and design, in terms of price, performance and packaging density (24mmx38mmx11mm ) of three to achieve the best level of industry. ADIS16485MEMSIMU comes with a built-in gyro three axis and a three axis accelerometer, the gyroscope (6? / h ) and the accelerometer (32 μ g ) movement in combination with the bias stability than any existing 6degree of freedom MEMSIMU.

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