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IR released the extended PowIRstage integrated device series


Global power semiconductor and management programme leading manufacturers International Rectifier ( International Rectifier, IR IR3551) launched with the extended PowIRstage integrated devices series, the new device is particularly suitable for the next generation server, desktop computer, video and communication system application. IR3551 maximum operating point reached 50A, very suitable for high-end processor and DDR memory multi phase solution, and can be used in the1.2V output voltage, to provide up to 94.5% of the peak efficiency. The new device will be synchronous buck gate driver, reference and value control, as well as the synchronous MOSFET and Schottky diode ( Schottky diode ) is integrated into a high density, small and slim, pin compatible 6× 5mmPQFN package. IR Asia Pacific Sales Vice President Pan Dawei said: "the IR3550and IR3553in improving design efficiency, save space in the outstanding performance of be obvious to people. With the new IR3551launch, we can now pass through the pin compatible with 60A,50A and 40A rated device, so that customers can according to their application needs to optimize the efficiency of each phase." IR3551and IR3550 and IR3553 pin compatible, so the customer only uses a single wiring, and selection of several plug-and-play PowIRstage products, you can enjoy the most cost-effective solution, at the same time the exemption because of change in demand and to design the circuit board risk. IR3551, IR3550and IR3553 using IR in silicon integrated, encapsulation and controlled technology and cutting-edge technology, with high current density and high efficiency power solutions. PowIRstage device capable of in the large current and high efficiency multi phase configuration to achieve system-level ductility. Compared with other similar schemes, the new scheme in most cases can reduce the phase number and reduce the size of circuit board using space. IR PowIRstage products at the same time provide integrated current sense amplifier, the current sensing accuracy and noise immunity ability than the other to inductor DCR sensing method based on higher top controller. IR3551, IR3553 and IR3550 is fully compatible with IR CHiL digital power control products, and most of the market with the industry standard pulse width modulation controller.

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